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Tiffany Griffith [ti-fə-nē gri-fəth] noun : A news reporting, novel writing, music loving, British comedy & drama obsessing, Florida Gators cheering, thrill seeking chick!

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Tiffany Griffith is an award-winning journalist by day, and a hopeless romantic by night. Born and raised in Central Florida, Tiffany comes from a long line of Bajans who taught her to appreciate good food, a great party and even better stories. A graduate of the University of Florida (GO GATORS!), Tiffany has worked as an anchor, reporter, and producer in both radio, television, and newspaper. She currently reports in-depth stories in Atlanta, Georgia. Tiffany recently completed her first novel, A Drink Between Friends, which takes place in both Florida and Ireland. She is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and Georgia Romance Writers. Her friends call her, “Tiff Griff.” You can, too.

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